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Dancing In The Control Room

18 May

Thanks everyone for coming to the Omer Klein Trio concerts in Germany, Sweden and France.

This trio is constantly growing musically, becoming more open, loose and surprising. Haggai Cohen Milo and Ziv Ravitz are simply the most incredible partners I could ask for!

Here is a video of the trio playing at Fasching Jazz Club in Stockholm, in what was a thrilling Scandinavian debut for us.

The tune is Yemen, composed by myself, and originally appears on my solo piano CD, Heart Beats.

I remember recording that take. My good friend Omer Avital just entered the control room after I finished playing the head in (the initial melody.) We spoke before the session and I knew he would come to the studio to say hi and listen to some takes, but I didn’t know when.

The solo I played on that take (which ended up being the take on the released album) had everything to do with Avital dancing in the control room.

Thank you Jazz Thing TV for posting this video.

I’m playing solo piano, and it’s a new song of mine entitled Something About Love. I think the editing is really thoughful and sensitive. The sound was recorded finely by Radio Bremen.

Next week: Solo Piano at the Loft, Köln, May 23.